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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Welcome to Bowmont Boxing Club!

Our rec classes are all ages, all skill levels. Bowmont ensures that every person that comes to the gym understands the basics of stance, balance, agility and coordination, as well as proper punching technique. We focus on straight punches for the first while, to alleviate injury to new boxers and ensure basic techniques.

Our classes are as follows:

Monday: Boxer Fitness 6-8pm (beginning September 2021)

Tuesday: Developmental Boxing 6-8pm

Wednesday: Technical Boxing 6-8pm (beginning September 2021)

Thursday: Developmental Boxing 6-8pm

Saturday: Open Gym (no class) 11-1pm

We at Bowmont ask members to take part in the class format, as we have developed effective drills to drive skill development. Saturdays are the only classes that are open and self directed.

Because we are a non-profit gym, all of our coaches are volunteer and so we are only open hours that work around our real jobs. Unfortunately, members will not be allowed entry into the gym outside of these set hours.

CABA Registration is required for all Bowmont Members. This is a yearly registration at the time of registration, costing $35 for rec members and $75 for competitive. This registration insures all boxers with the Canada Boxing Insurance Policy (up to 5 million liability). Competitive members will also need medical clearance signed by a doctor on a yearly basis. Both forms can be found on our website here:

Gym Fees are as follows:

Daily Drop In: $15

10x punch pass (drop in): $100

Youth Monthly (8-15y.o): $60

Adult Monthly: $80

We also offer discounted prices for 6 month and yearly memberships.

When attending class, we ask members to arrive ~10 minutes prior to the start of class. This will allow them to get changed into gym clothes and clean gym shoes. We have a water fountain on site, however we suggest you bring a water bottle to fill. All members must sign in through MindBody Online either through the app,or upon arrival at the gym.

Due to Covid restrictions, Bowmont Boxing Club cannot provide personal gloves for borrow. Please arrive with your own gloves and wraps. We require members to wrap their hands, and have hand wraps available to purchase for $10. We also have Rival Bag gloves available for purchase $60. These gloves are higher quality than what you may purchase at other sports supply stores.

Hopefully this information is clear! If you have any questions, please let me know!


Bowmont Boxing Club

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